Premarital Counseling on the road ahead Often couples spend a lot of time, money and energy to prepare for their wedding misplacing the importance on the wedding vs. the marriage. They get caught up in viewing this one day as a symbol.

“If my dress is stunning, infidelity will not challenge my marriage.”

“If our vows are flawless, we will always be able to communicate our feelings.”

“If the cake is perfect, our sexual desires will always be compatible.”

Premarital CouselingThese thoughts seem irrational yet with a divorce rate in America stabilizing around 50% even higher among subsequent marriages, couples are reaching for symbols and superstitions to bring themselves a sense of security. Couples want to believe their marriage will last a long, healthy lifetime. This desire is natural, but focused in the wrong direction. All that you invest in your wedding will not influence your marital outcome one bit. However, premarital counseling can help you achieve this. Premarital Counseling can set the foundation for a strong marriage by addressing current challenges and helping you learn tools to engage future difficulties. This is especially true for second marriages and marriages that will create a new blended family.

What Happens In Premarital Counseling?

  • Identify your relationship’s many existing strengths.
  • Boost your healthy communication skills.
  • Learning the evidence-based reasons why marriages succeed or fail.
  • Work together to plan for the future as a team.
  • Understand how to defuse existing dysfunctional relationship patterns.
  • Gain new ways to sustain that deeper connection.
  • Slow your world down for a moment to celebrate your love.

What Do You Value Most?Lasting Connection

Are you ready to step back from the excitement of your wedding planning and invest a few hours in preparing for your marriage? Don’t let chance determine which side of the 50% you end up on. If you live in Bellingham and you are looking for a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for Premarital Counseling services, Allison Huffman can help you strengthen your relationship before your vows. Your love is already vibrant and with this marriage your love will grow and strengthen.

Premarital Counseling can help, so why not try it?

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