Couples CouselingAllison Huffman has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pacific Lutheran University, an accredited MFT graduate program. She has completed all the required post-graduate training, service hours, supervision and testing to become a fully Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

What is a Marriage and Family Therapist?

Marriage and Family Therapy is a distinct type of mental health care.  Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) are mental health professionals trained in psychotherapy and family systems. This means MFT’s are not only qualified and trained to work with individuals but also families, couples and beyond. MFT’s are licensed to diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders within individuals and within the context of partnerships and family systems. Marriage and Family Therapists work to view a client not just as an island, but also as an individual strengthened and challenged within the context of his/her family, friends, career, culture and beyond. Marriage and Family Therapists try to tailor therapy to each person/couple/family honoring their unique nature. Therapists like Allison Huffman provide targeted, often short term, client-centered therapy. Allison’s practice is focused on helping you create sustainable, healthy change beyond the walls of the therapy office.

Couples CouselingWhy Should I Choose a Marriage and Family Therapist If I Need Couple’s or Family Therapy?

Marriage and Family Therapists have specific training to counsel within the complex dynamic of more than one person in the therapy room. A MFT such as Allison Huffman is experienced in helping families and couples by working to help each individual feel supported and validated. The goal of therapy becomes a tapestry of each individual’s objectives and perspectives woven together. Allison Huffman feels passionate about her specialty and about the opportunity to make a direct difference in your relationships.

Why Should I Choose a Marriage and Family Therapist If I Want Solo Therapy Sessions?

Marriage and Family Therapists can utilize the tools of a traditional therapist but are also trained in ways to recognize opportunities to reinforce healthy changes through your support system. Think of an individual who is coping with depression or anxiety. The goal of counseling is to help the client find a deeper understanding about their symptoms and learn coping skills. With a MFT they will also offer the perspective of how their partner, children, friends, work, culture and beyond contribute to the symptoms and what changes (sometimes small) within these dynamics can lead to solutions. The relationships around us (even the loving ones) can help lock us into unhealthy patterns. A commonly understood version of this is codependency where love can stagnate individual growth. Your relationships can also be crucial in reinforcing your new, healthy life changes. A Marriage and Family Therapist can look for ways a partner, friends or family members can support an individual as he/she grows. This process can be accomplished with the client deciding to invite a support member(s) to sessions or not.  A MFT like Allison Huffman often works with clients exclusively 1:1 if the client wishes. Allison does not pressure a client to bring a support member if he/she does not wish to. If you are in Bellingham contact Allison Huffman today (360) 480-7048.

Marriage and family therapy is:

• Brief
• Solution-focused
• Specific, with attainable therapeutic goals
• Designed with the “end in mind.”

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