Separation in Life If you live in Bellingham and you are looking for a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for couple’s counseling services, Allison Huffman’s practice, may be a good match. Allison can help you and your loved one in any stage of your relationship from changing unhealthy interactional patterns early in your partnership, learning communication techniques, engaging in premarital counseling, navigating challenges within the young kid years, raising teens, healing after infidelity, adjusting to shifting roles, finding clarity if the relationship veers toward divorce, or learning how to fall back in love. You can strengthen your relationship.

Types of Couples Counseling

Relationship DiffcultyCouple’s Counseling: Couples seek therapy for many reasons. Couple’s counseling works by addressing the reason you sought therapy while helping you and your partner express yourselves. Focus includes resolving toxic patterns and providing tools to use beyond therapy. Depending on the issues within the relationship, a few sessions can often create significant positive change.

Premarital Counseling: Premarital Counseling provides an opportunity to start a marriage with the foundation of healthy communication and with tools to work as a team when addressing life challenges. This type of counseling allows an open discussion on relationship dynamics, money, children, in-laws, life goals, and expectations. Invest in your relationship now and you will live the benefits.

Marriage Counseling: Marriage Counseling is meant to guide married couples through conflicts both big and small. Allison works to honor both partners’ perspectives. She focuses on moving forwards versus declaring who is “right” or “wrong.” During this type of counseling, being open, honest, and willing to change is the key.

How Counseling Can Help

  • Therapy offers a safe space to truly hear and empathize with your partner’s perspective.
  • Therapy guides you and your partner beyond the blame game.
  • Therapy helps you break out of the repeating painful patterns that haunt your relationship.
  • Therapy moves you from avoiding challenges to starting to heal.
  • Therapy allows you to improve the way you interact and communicate.
  • Therapy teaches you how to disagree in a productive manner.
  • Therapy provides tools to strengthen your relationship.

Couple's TherapyAllison Huffman uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques and tools from John Gottman’s groundbreaking scientifically driven work. This means she targets the problems you present with tools to address thoughts, feelings and actions. Positive change can happen. Therapy is a safe space and Allison is able to help couples find new ways to communicate feelings of challenge and love. From Couple’s Counseling, Premarital Counseling, Marriage Counseling, healing from infidelity and beyond, Allison is available to help couples create a happier and more connected relationship. To learn more about Allison Huffman and her services, call today at (360) 480-7048.