Hypnobirthing sessionRelaxing into birth and parenthood through guided imagery and therapeutic tools.

Let me guide you to the birth you want!

I provide guided imagery because I believe in it. I credit guided imagery for helping immensely with both of my pregnancies and deliveries. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in 2011 after only 4 hours of active labor and to a vivacious baby girl in 2014 after one hour of active labor both without the need for pain medication. A friend and hypnotherapist provided a session during both of my pregnancies. Her sessions empowered me to utilize the power of my mind during labor. I hope to pass that gift on to you.


How can guided imagery help me?

Guided Imagery works with the power of thought.

Feel relaxed

Relaxation techniques can help you avoid fueling the “fight or flight” response, thus reducing medical complications allowing labor to unfold naturally and helping you manage discomfort.

Feel confident you can manage discomfort

Developing techniques tailored to you, including redirecting focus, breathing and using positive affirmations can help you manage your birth journey.

Feel prepared

Once information is incorporated at a subconscious level you will find yourself effortlessly flowing into it. Have you ever realized while driving home on your commute that you had “spaced out” for a period of time and yet your mind and body had coordinated to drive you safely toward your destination? Similarly, I empower your subconscious to work with your healthy natural instincts.

Feel connected to your body and your baby

Guided imagery helps you listen to your internal cues, allowing for a more present mindful birth.


What will happen in my guided imagery session?

I learn about you, your baby, your pregnancy, your strengths and your birth plan. I help ease you into a state of relaxation where I guide you through your birth plan and coping skills. You come back to a fully alert state bringing with you a sense of re-invigoration and confidence. You leave the session feeling affirmed and with a recording of the session to continue to reinforce your skills.

I am planning an alternative to the traditional hospital birth. Can your guided imagery work for me?

Yes. My sessions are targeted to your specific pregnancy and birth plan. Whether you are working with a doula, planning a home birth, or simply desiring to give birth without medication, guided imagery can build your confidence to pursue the birth plan you want.

I am facing complications in my pregnancy and my medical provider recommends a cesarean section. Can your guided imagery help me?

Not all birth experiences are the same. I understand this and can help women in a great variety of different situations. I believe strongly that a successful birth is one where mom and baby are healthy. I honor whatever path you and your doctor decide is best to achieve this goal. As a matter of fact, women who face complications in their pregnancy can be the ones who most benefit from the use of guided imagery

Some companies claim they can make my birth pain-free or orgasmic. Can you do that?

The power of the mind is awe-inspiring, but we live in a physical body, a body that has the responsibility to relay to our mind sensations, even uncomfortable ones. Pain is the body’s way to draw attention to changes or distress within it. My goal is to help you listen to your body without dwelling, then engage in coping skills to move beyond discomfort.

At what point in my pregnancy should I schedule my guided imagery session?

I can be helpful any time during your pregnancy. I can provide coping skills if you experience natural pregnancy or postpartum challenges. For a guided imagery session focused on birthing it is ideal to come after your first trimester allowing time to rehearse the skills and listen to the audio recording regularly.

I don’t want to lose control or be controlled. Does that happen in your sessions?

Guided imagery is a tool that I tailor to your expressed desired outcome. You are in control at all times during the session. I suggest a state of deep relaxation. You are neither asleep nor unconscious and can “come out” whenever you wish.

Can you help with pregnancy and postpartum symptom?

Absolutely. Many minor natural discomforts during pregnancy can be addressed in my sessions. During the postpartum period new moms can experience shifts in their body, mind and daily reality. Therapeutic tools can help with this transition.


This is not my first birth but I want things to be different this time. Is this right for me?

Absolutely. Your experience will only enhance your ability to engage and target your session.

I experienced a previous pregnancy loss. Could your guided imagery help me with this pregnancy?

As a licensed therapist I combine therapeutic tools with those of guided imagery to help with the fears, triggers and emotions that occur during a pregnancy after loss. A woman who has experienced loss often travels a rocky emotional path during a subsequent pregnancy. Reaching out to receive support can be vital.

I am a survivor of past abuse. This pregnancy has triggered difficult emotions. Can you help with this?

Yes, I am a licensed therapist with specific education, experience and tools to help you during pregnancy and beyond.

Hypnobirthing babyAdditional Sessions Can Focus On:

-Natural yet difficult pregnancy symptoms
-Natural yet difficult postpartum symptoms
-Postpartum depression, anxiety or obsessions
-Strain within your partner relationship
-Stress regarding work and home balance
-New sibling adjustment issues
-Strengthening your bond with baby
-Strengthen your self-esteem

My sessions are never to take the place of medical care. Guided imagery complements the care you receive from your obstetrician and/or midwife. All of my clients should follow their medical providers advice.


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You are doing it! You will do it!

Allison Huffman, MA, LMFT, Registered Hypnotherapist

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