What about privacy?

There are laws and ethical guidelines in place to protect client information, which I work diligently to follow. There are, however, certain situations where I am obliged to supersede confidentiality, for example: imminent threat to self or others or suspected abuse that meets the mandated reporting criteria for CPS/APS. During our first session these rare exceptions to client confidentiality we will be discussed.

Do teens have the right to confidentiality?

Yes, by law teens over the age of 13 have the same privacy rights as adults. This concept often concerns parents, however usually teens are willing to sign a release so that I can speak to parents and keep them informed of progress. This can also be addressed with family sessions complementing the teen’s individual sessions.

Reasons People Talk Themselves Out Of Therapy…

1. I don’t have time.
There will never be enough time. If you don’t think you have enough time then you are probably one of the millions who are burning the candle at both ends, struggling to balance all your different roles and the needs of those around you. Therapy is your time. Don’t wait, that perfect moment to work on you will never happen. Seize today and take the time for you.

2. I don’t have the money.
Therapy should not be just for the wealthy. I have competitively set my fees in order to be accessible to most clients. Ask yourself, in this tough and stressful environment, can you afford not to work towards your best self.

3. I don’t think therapy will work because my partner/family member refuses to come.
Though it is more effective to do couples or family therapy with all the involved members, change can be effected in a relationship or family with just one change agent (you). In fact couples or family counseling often starts with just one person who over time is joined by other members.

4. I’m not crazy so therapy isn’t for me.
Crazy is seeing a problem in one’s life and repeating it again and again. Therapy is not for “crazy people” but for people who want to find solutions to problems in their life.

5. I don’t want a record of mental health issues following me around.
Private pay therapy allows an extra layer of confidentiality. Unless requested I do not submit your diagnosis or a summary of your visits to insurance as a therapist on an insurance panel would most likely do.

6. I don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy going back to my childhood.
The focus of therapy is your present life and your future goals. Though the past maybe addressed to provide answers for current challenges your Therapist will empower you to decide how much of the past you want to explore in session.

7. I’m not sure if I would benefit from talk therapy.
You will never know if therapy could have enhanced your life unless you try it. Call today and take that first step.

What should I do if I am in a crisis (such as thinking about harming myself or others)?

If an emergency situation arises or if you need to talk to someone right away call the Crisis Line of Whatcom Counties 1-800-584-3578 or the police at 911 for 24 hour help.  Please do not contact me if you are in an emergency situation.